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Home Sweet Canada (A Photo Journal)

As a Canadian traveling abroad, it's expected that conversations eventually maneuver towards home. Where I'm from, where I grew up etc. From there I ask about Canadian Travel Itineraries (CTI) from tourists that have been or are on their way. I'm never surprised by how similar these trips turn out to be, however I mask my emotion. I'm grateful to be Canadian and grateful to have had a path that supported the true discovery of my own country. Here is my itinerary told through a series of photos I've taken a long the way. In the lens of my childhood.. from sea to shining sea.. in no particular order.

Pigeon Lake, Ontario, Canada

Teaching my little brother to skip rocks, or maybe he was teaching me. We were accompanied by relatives during a family camping trip. 20..08 maybe?

Favourite Memory: Camping over mumsies 50th birthday partnered with the traditional tuxedo cake from M&M's.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The east coast vibes of Halifax are undeniable. This city has impeccable taste in music and beer and the folks are friendly. Fun fact: The Titanic sunk off this shore. Okay, not 'fun' but..

Favourite memory: Seeing Will Stratton perform live at Michaels.

My Recommendations: Steve-O-Renos, Hot Designer Vintage & The Boardwalk

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Quiet, quaint little town in Ontario.

My Favourite Memory: Meeting Bahamas @ Mariposa Folk Festival

My Recommendations: Mariposa Folk Festival, Fairgrounds Farmers Market & A live show by VK

Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

A beautiful town on Vancouver Island, where my parents reside.

My Favourite Memory: Music bingo at the local

My Recommendations: A stroll along the boardwalk & the Sooke potholes

Waterton, Alberta, Canada

Basically, if you want to feel like you're inside of a tumblr post, spend time in Waterton.

My Favourite Memory: A massive game of hide in seek in a vast mountain valley

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Beautiful little town north of Niagara Falls. It looks like it's out of a story book.

My Favourite Memory: Exploring Laura Secords' Homestead.

My Recommendations: Stopping along the shuttle journey to explore the old fort & Wayne Gretzky's Distillery & Ziplining over Niagara Falls

Kananaskis Country, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

This is home.

My Favourite Memory: My summers spent attending Chief Hector learning forest survival.

My Recommendations: Trail riding & Bears Hump Hiking Trail

Frank, Alberta, Canada

Although the town of Frank no longer exists, after Turtle Mountain split due to erosion and buried it, Frank Slide is still a site to see.

My Favourite Memory: Re-creating a photo of my mum sitting on these rocks when she was my age.

My Recommendations: Frank Slide History Museum & exploring the abandoned mines in the area

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The colours of life come alive on PEI.

My Favourite Memory: Crossing the confederation bridge with the red sand skyline materializing. Anne Of Green Gables everything.

My Recommendation: Cow's Creamery for Ice Cream.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

BC's capital. My Favourite city on the west coast.

My Favourite Memory: Whale watching with my mum and grandmother. And of course the sea food. Also, many nights spent with friends drinking wine in the light rain talking about the future.

My Recommendations: The bug museum & nightly ghost walk

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Born and raised in this city.

My Favourite Memory: Boy bands and tubby dog.

My Recommendations: Hoedown @ Cowboys & Tubby Dog

Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada

This town is dedicated to the northern lights.

My Favourite Memory: Randomly discovering this license plate maze and scoring a wonderful afternoon at the hot springs 5 minutes past the border.

My Recommendation: The Northern Lights Café

Hells Highway, Alberta, Canada

My Favourite Memory: Listening to Born Ruffians album on repeat.

My Recommendation: Don't drive in the winter

Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

This place is actually spectacular.

My Favourite Memory: We stayed in a cabin on top of the hill from this spot. During low tide we used to run out as far as we could during the sunset. The next morning the ocean engulfed the area where we were standing the night before.

My Recommendation: Relax and enjoy the view.

Natural Hot Springs, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

Came upon this place by complete fluke during an Alaskan road trip.

My Favourite Memory: Seeing a family of moose drinking from the river bed near by as we were basking in the sunlight.

Echo Beach, Ontario, Canada

A hidden gem in the outskirts of Toronto. A place that makes you feel incredibly alone if you don't have a massive group of friends to share your picnic with.

My Favourite Memory: That stage in the distance is an active concert venue and you can hear the shows crystal clear from this spot. This night was Alt-J and we drunk danced until the sun went down waiting for 'Taro'.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Not enough credit given to this wonderful place

My Favourite Memory: Also the worst. Sand fly attacks on the beach lead to a very miserable but memorable afternoon. Prior to the attack I remember there were a lot of laughs.

My Recommendation: Catch a show at the Rainbow Theatre.

Laval, Quebec, Canada

Even though there's an ongoing feud on whether or not Quebec is a part of Canada, it's still home to me.

My Favourite Memory/My Recommendation: Staying over night on a Maple Syrup Farm and learning how maple syrup is collected, filtered and sold. We were bouncing off the walls for days.

Prairie Sunset, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

The term Prairie Sunset is one I hold near and dear to my heart. Only a true prairies girl knows what I'm talking about when I say there's is nowhere on earth you will see a sky so breathtaking.

There's No Place Like Home


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